Gordon Giltrap

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The guitar legend Gordon Giltrap

Over the past forty years, Gordon Giltrap has graced the music business with his dedication to his craft and his affection for his audience. As one of the UK's most respected guitarists, he has consistently proved the adage that respect cannot be bought. It must be earned.

Gordon Giltrap was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2019 New Year Honours, "for services to music and to charity". 

Gordon Giltrap - Live in 99

Live in 99

Released 2021
Mirror Noir Records

Gordon Giltrap & Ray Burley - Double Visions

Double Vision

Released 2021
Mirror Noir Records

Gordon Giltrap - Eye Of The Wind Rhapsody

Eye Of The Wind Rhapsody

Released 2021
Mirror Noir Records

Gordon Giltrap - Live at Rosslyn Chapel

Live At Rosslyn Chapel

Released 2021
Mirror Noir Records

Gordon Giltrap - Live in 1999 - Mirror Noir Records

Gordon Giltrap
Live in 1999 - Riddles Bar - Staffordshire 

The story behind the release is an interesting one in as much as its a recording that has been in my possession for many years.

Recorded straight to mini disk directly from the desk by my dear old friend Malc Welch on the night of this gig at Riddles Bar Stoke on Trent in front of a small but appreciative audience is a bit of a gem. The album is not a re release and is a truly warts and all performance with very little editing apart from the in-between chat that can be a bit tedious after several plays. I had been looking towards giving a complete GG album to my friends Paul White and Mark Soden from Mirror Noir for some time now. I had made the odd guest appearance on their ambient recordings in the past but since unearthing this live offering I thought this a worthy contribution to their rapidly expanding online catalogue.

Reading through the track listing is fascinating because many of the pieces I no longer perform for reasons of wanting to move on to newer material and because quite honestly some of the material is technically beyond me now! I'm sure many of you will remember old pieces like At Giltrap's Bar and Splinter alongside the Overture to Heathcliff and Shady Tales which I was performing at the time back in 99.
A special thanks must also go to Malc Welch for keeping the faith and being there and recording the whole thing. Thanks also to Chloe Doyle for her superb line drawing of me taken from a photograph from the period where I have a mass of dark hair and matching beard, playing that small bodied Rob Armstrong that I used for many years. Finally to Paul and Mark for editing and final mastering. 

Here is a bit of info for your interest on artist Chloe Doyle.
Chloe is a Derby born artist who has been drawing and painting since childhood.For a short time she attended art college but felt constrained by what was being offered and decided to leave college and pursue her own artistic journey.This line drawing is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of her creative talents.

Gordon Giltrap 2021

Gordon Giltrap - The Da Vinci Recordings - Live at Rosslyn Chapel

Gordon Giltrap
The Da Vinci Recordings

"Since The Da Vinci was released to the filmgoing public a few years back, Rosslyn Chapel has taken on a deep mystical and spiritual air about it, and quite rightly so.

I have vivid memories of our visit there those few years ago. The whole thing was a bit strange and unsettling at times but the organisers of the concert had gone that extra mile to make me feel valued as an artist and even hired a piper to pipe me to the stage on the evening.

On our arrival we were handed a postcard from our friend and fine musician Ray Mytton who had visited there a few days prior to us wishing us a great concert, so that was a lovely start to the evening.

The whole building is steeped in a magical beauty and maybe the events of the evening had a bearing on my performance but I dont think its apparent on the recording so thank the Lord for that.

Maybe one day Hilary and I will return but in the meantime we have this recording to remind us of our visit to one of this islands historical treasures."

Gordon Giltrap 2021


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