The Cydonia Collective

The Cydonia Collective create original cinematic landscapes and ethereal aural imagery using software synths, vintage keyboards, ethnic instruments, dreamy piano, beautiful pads and laid back ebow and guitar.

The Cydonia Collective

Paul White & Mark Soden

Paul White - Guitars, Keyboards, Ethnic Instruments, Vocal Effects

Mark Soden - Keyboards, lovingly manipulated original samples, audio & vocal effects & beats. 

All of the material for the Cydonia Collective's album collection was recorded and mixed using the latest version of Apple's Logic Pro software (installed in both Paul's Studio and Mark's Studio) where processing tricks include using Logic's own plug-ins to create time-stretched, pitch manipulated sounds, often originating with guitar, voice or other acoustic sound sources, which are then processed into evolving drones, textural beds and melodies. Output in California also provided some of the sound sources.

The Cydonia Collective



Take a listen to our new 8-Track Immersive Compilation re-visiting Tracks from our previous albums as well as adding a brand new piece "Olympus". We had great fun creating it and hope you enjoy it. Listen on your headphones for maximum 8D enjoyment.

Super Sized Cinematic landscapes, ethereal aural imagery and original mangled home recorded samples. Software Synths and Vintage keyboards, ethnic instruments, dreamy piano, beautiful pads meet laid back ebow and guitar.

Paul White - Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Ethnic Instruments, Vocal Effects, Original Samples

Mark Soden - Keyboards, Original Samples, Vocal Effects & Vocoder, Sound Effects & Synthetic Beats.


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